Updated Incidental Guidelines For Fall 2010/2011




A few days prior to each event, we'll send out a "Crew Information Email" (CIE).

 It contains show info, schedule and invoice procedure.  

NNP Hiring Procedures:

Local Hire's will be considered first. (Local Hire means no mileage, per diem or hotel.) If you're willing to work out a travel arrangement, we will be happy to discuss and obtain clients' approval.

When You’re On site:

Check in and out w/the designated crew chief or client.  If you are not sure, you can inquire w/the truck EIC (Engineer In Charge) - This recognizes your 'out time' and ensures any overtime due you.


Equipment Etiquette


Treat your surroundings as if you’re in your grandmother’s home.  Like renting a car, be aware of the equipment you’re responsible for.  If you notice any dents/dings/malfunction, please report it immediately to the Engineer-in-charge of the tv mobile unit, AND also to the crew chief so he/she can report it.



What You Need To Do To Get Paid


NNP needs an IRS Form W-9 on file from each individual, corporation or LLC – here is a link to one:


Scan/email your completed AND signed W-9 to (preferred) OR fax to 770-394-2021. You only need to send once.

NNP does not provide blank invoices. On local-hire events we do not require an invoice from you.  We work strictly against the sign in/out time sheet to gather any reported overtime.  On out-of-town events where you may report incidental charges, a quick email is all we need on that, in addition to the sign in/out time sheet we get back on every show.  If you prefer to send in your own invoice, that is perfectly fine but not necessary on our end.  There may be some incidences where we will require receipts but we’ll let you know.  We assign a Crew Chief who posts show information and the sign-in/out sheet on the side of the truck.  If you have to pay for parking, that’s a good place to jot down the $$ amount next to your name.

Mailing Address:


595 Spalding Drive

Atlanta, GA  30328


Office:  770-394-2999

Fax:  770-394-2021

Turnaround time:

30 days is the general turnaround time.  It's most common for the client to turn around payment 30 days from when the Master Invoice is received, not 30 days from the date of the event.  This process can be speeded up when the crew turns their totals in promptly – ideally 2 business days following each event.  


Don’t forget to periodically check the updated Calendar Page for Status of Client Payment


Reminder: Travel pay, mileage and per diem should always be discussed in advance and approved by NNP's client.

.50/mileage (outside a 70 mile radius)

$45/day per diem per one night hotel


*** Certain Clients Will Use Different Per Diem and Mileage Rates ***

*** Most clients do not have travel pay budgeted, and it is not offered up when you’re booked; must be discussed, and only under certain situations will the client even approve ***




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